This is the fun part! We get to sing the praises of the people we work with and hopefully help get a few more eyes on their work.


To create the best work we can and to support our fellow artists and independent creatives, we hire freelancers when needed. Below a list of companies and individuals we prefer to work with on our projects.

ServiceName and Website
Poetry editingJon Davis
Watercolor illustrationsKaki Okumura at Kakikata
Book designAlvaro at Bookish Design
LogoMadeline Hoffman

Many hands make light work.

~John Heywood

feature images

All our photos on this website (that were not taken by us) were given freely on the free stock photography sites by the artists below.

LocationPhoto Credit
HomeSound On from Pexels
Our Story (left)Dominika Roseclay from Pexels
Our Story (right)Nur Yilmaz from Pexels
Our Catalogcottonbro from Pexels